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Big Update on Sting’s Injury, Is His WWE Career Over?

As we noted before, Sting got injured at Night of Champions 2015 when WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins delivered a running powerbomb to Sting on the turnbuckle. According to latest reports, Sting underwent medical testing and the result shows that his neck is not broken.

Dave Metlzer of Wrestling Observer noted that Sting got a CAT scan & an MRI. “He was able to walk [after the PPV], but he was not doing well…The MRI showed no fractures”.

Although Sting has no fractures of the spine or neck, Meltzer is speculating that WWE would hesitate to let Sting compete in the ring, even if he recovers 100% physically. Reason why Sting didn’t make his big announcement on Raw (as announced by WWE) was due to the fact that he went home to rest.

The match at Night of Champions 2015 was Sting’s 4th match in WWE and his 2nd on a WWE PPV. He now has a win-loss record of 2-2 in WWE. Sting has been booked terribly by the WWE creative team as he has lost both of the high profile matches he was involved in (losing to Triple H at WrestleMania 31 in his WWE debut and losing to Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015). Out of these 2 victories, 1 came via DQ and the other came in a tag team match.

If this injury means the end of Sting’s career, then Undertaker vs. Sting will remain a Dream Match for Old School Wrestling fans. Are you a die hard Attitude Era fan? Take this special edition of our exclusive “Old School Wrestling Quiz: Attitude Era Special (1997-1999)” by clicking here.

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