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Big Update Regarding Former World Champion’s Future In WWE, Vince Russo Says Indy Wrestlers Who Are Used As Extras On WWE TV Should Attack WWE Talent During A Live Show To Make A Name For Themselves

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Vince Russo Says Indy Wrestlers Who Are Used As Extras On WWE TV Should Attack WWE Talent During A Live Show To Make A Name For Themselves

During a recent edition of Vince Russo’s “The Brand” podcast, Russo, along with his co-host Jeff Lane, talked about indy wrestlers being used as extras on WWE TV. Russo talked about how these extras can make a name for themselves:

Russo: “Can I ask you a question? Can we can we be honest here for a second, Jeff? You got Matt Yodle and Aniyah from Rocky Mountain Pro. They are hired as extras by the WWE because they’re in Denver so they get paid a day rate for maybe they get 150 bucks whatever the case may be.

The chances are not in their favor that they’re ever going to work for the WWE. I hope they get hired, I hope they get jobs, but the way the wrestling business works bro if you don’t know somebody you ain’t getting it. It’s that simple. No matter how talented you are, no matter how good you are, if somebody isn’t championing you, if you don’t know somebody, if you don’t have a connection, you’re not getting it.

So the odds are not in the favor of these guys getting it, right bro? Don’t your chances increase if you do something like that like all of a sudden these guys jump in and start pounding away at frickin’ Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens and everybody’s watching this on live TV and talking about tomorrow who are these guys. Wouldn’t the WWE have to do something to address that?”

Jeff: “No, I think they would be blackballed. I think that they would cut away from it. I think the cameras would cut away. They wouldn’t put him over. They’d say they were fans or something right away. I think that would be the death of their career anywhere in the world.”

Russo: “I frickin’ disagree with you. I think they put themselves on the frickin’ map. I’m telling you. Hey listen, if any of you guys out there when you go to the local towns and they pay you as an extra, they are looking at you as an extra. It’s not your big opportunity to get a job with the WWE. Don’t get freaking all excited.

They’re not going to hire you. But if you get put in a situation in front of that camera, bro, attack one of their freakin guys, take the opportunity, start putting the freaking boots to Dean Ambrose or freaking Nakamura. That’s the only way you’re going to get freakin’ notice.

Don’t think the WWE is gonna hire you because you’re a freakin’ extra. You’re an extra to them, bro. That’s like being an extra in a movie. Take advantage of that situation man.”

Jeff: “I do not….. I’ve never worked for WWE, Vince has. But I do not second that advice.”

Big Update Regarding Former World Champion’s Future In WWE

We noted a few month ago that former World Heavyweight Champion and current SmackDown Live Star Dolph Ziggler was thinking about leaving WWE later this year when his contract expires.

According to the Dirty Sheets podcast, Ziggler has signed a short term extension to his contract and he will stay with WWE for a little longer now (probably till the Royal Rumble – WrestleMania season).

One of the reasons behind Ziggler signing an extension is that WWE officials want to extend his feud with Bobby Roode. This could mean that Ziggler might go over Bobby Roode tonight at Hell In A Cell 2017 PPV so that their feud goes on till Roode gets the win (although nothing is confirmed about this outcome).

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