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Vince Russo Says He Almost Thought Rey Mysterio Was Returning As The Newest Cruiserweight Division Wrestler On Raw, Rips Corey Graves For A Comment On Raw, Former WWE Wrestler Gets Into A Heated Argument With Jim Cornette At An Event (Video)

Jim Cornette

– During a recent edition of Vince Russo’s “The Brand” podcast, Russo ripped WWE commentator Corey and talked about Kalisto being introduced as the newest member of the Cruiserweight division along with his co-host Jeff Lane. Below is the conversation:

Russo: “Let me tell you some…. Corey Graves is horrible. Enzo was spot on about what he said about Corey Graves. I want to see if you got this job. I guarantee you, even as intelligent as you are I guarantee you, you did not get this. First of all we bring up that Enzo likes to ski now. Somehow that gets brought up in the conversation. So Cory Grave’s line is – “I hope he finds that Bono guy’s ski instructor”. That’s what he said bro. Do you know what he meant by that?”

Jeff: “No. Was it Bono getting a ski accident or something? From U2? Like Bono from U2?”

Russo: “First of all Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident about 20-something years ago, but Corey Graves turned that into “I hope he finds that Bono’s from U2 ……”. Did anybody freaking pick that up besides me like did anybody know what the hell that idiot was talking about? Like I don’t even know where that came from. Anyway, bro was this not the exact same promo as last week?”

Jeff: “Pretty much. We’ve talked about this where if they do something that that is a hit and it goes over well, we see the exact same rinse and repeat the next week and they did it here again. Last week what came across very well. I thought it was good stuff so we get it again this week with an “AWESOME SURPRISE” (laughs).”

Russo: “I’m sitting here at my desk and curse building up this surprise and you know what I thought? I thought Rey Mysterio.”

Jeff: “Yeah some people were tweeting that too.”

Russo: “I’m like oh yeah! I said,”oh man this would be cool” and then he introduces Kalisto. I’m sitting here just like this and I’m watching and I said here comes Kalisto and I’m like oh god!”

Jeff: “If I was editing this show like that show like ‘Castrating The Marks’, I would have put in a big fart sound effect as soon as Kalisto came out like because that’s what it was.”

– Former WWE wrestler Santino Marella got into a heated argument with Jim Cornette at a wrestling convention in Detroit, Michigan earlier today. You can watch it below:

Below is what Cornette tweeted after this incident:

For those who don’t know, the heat between Santino and Cornette began back in 2005 when Santino was a WWE developmental wrestler in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and Cornette was the OVW co-owner and Head Booker.

At an OVW show, Santino was supposed to act intimidated by The Boogeyman, but he laughed at him instead. This led to Cornette shouting at Santino and slapping him. This incident then led to Cornette being fired as the OVW Head Booker by the WWE (OVW was the developmental territory of WWE back then).

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