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Jim Ross On If He’ll Call Next Month’s War Games Match, Wild Dance By WWE Wrestler At A Fashion Show (Video)

Jim Ross

– As we noted before, next month’s NXT TakeOver: Houston show will feature the return of the War Games match between NXT Tag Team Champions SAnitY, The Undisputed Era and The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong. During a recent appearance on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Good Ol’ JR talked about the return of this legendary match and if he’ll call it. Below are the highlights:

His reaction to the return of War Games:
“I was happy. It is a neat hook to build around for the NXT TakeOver. It is a very marketable tool and that is how I look at it. It’s got name identity with some older wrestling fans and the name has been bandied about some to the younger fans and trickled down. War Games has got a little bit of a legacy, if it and I don’t know exactly the structure of it but I can just tell you that if it is executed correctly it could really be special. I thought over the years and maybe it is just my own bias but I thought in the early going of the War Games we had better matches than they subsequently got and the end of the War Games. But I may be bias and wrong but that is my take on it.

The talent has got to fit the environment but the concept is really unique and it is very nostalgic in a good way (I think) and it is kind of like WWE having a Starrcade event in Greensboro, that is kind of cool and even though I don’t think it is going to be televised it has got people talking about a live event so I kind of think that has served its purpose and it is very nostalgic and the fans in that area should get some enjoyment out of it.

It’s nostalgic, has got some name identity and it is nice to see it back but it is not something I’d want to see every year and the other thing is that the previous War Games some of them have been very violent and that doesn’t seem to be en vogue these days. That is not a b**** from my end, I’m just saying if everybody thinks it is going to be a War Games like it used to be in the old days it is probably not but that doesn’t mean it can’t be better and certainly different so I am open minded. I am glad that the basic canvas is there called the War Games now let us see where they take it and I am curious.”

On if he’ll call the War Games match at NXT TakeOver: Houston:

“I am certainly sure that even with my busy book signing schedule, if I was needed in Houston for NXT Takeover I’d certainly make myself available (laughing).”

War Games Match – NWA The Great American Bash 1989 by WWFOldSchool

– You can watch SmackDown Live wrestler Mojo Rawley going wild during a fashion show below:

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