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4. Jim Cornette Says WWF Was Looking To Make Ahmed Johnson A Huge Black Superhero (Explains Why He Failed To Become A Big Money Draw), Update On What WWE’s Looking To Do With Enzo Amore

– During a recent edition of Jim Cornette’s “Drive-Thru” podcast, Jim Cornette discussed Ahmed Johnson’s push in the World Wrestling Federation and why Ahmed failed to become a big money draw for the WWF. Below is what Cornette said:

“You know he could have been Junkyard Dog times ten with the push they gave him. But he was A) injury prone, B) prone to injure other people, C) not as physically equipped he was for the wrestling business, but mentally unequipped for the wrestling business, D) began believing he was over to the extent of even greater than his push rather than his actual performance – all of the above.

It was one of those, he was a shipped that passed in the WWF night. And whatever he had been doing to look like that by the time he showed up in WCW he had quit doing it.

I mean Vince wasn’t thinking Junkyard Dog, he was thinking Earnie Ladd or Bobo Brazil or whatever. But they were gonna make a huge black superhero. And he could have been rolling in money if he would have just been able to get his sh-t together. And then the bell rang.

You know, he looked great and even his promos even though you couldn’t understand a word he said he sounded like he meant something. So if he would have got his sh-t together on that side of it and not got hurt, not hurt other people, and become a raging egomaniac about his push chances are he would’ve been rolling in money.”

– As we saw on this week’s WWE programming, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore turned heel. Despite turning heel, his actions and words have remained the same. The reason behind this is that WWE doesn’t want Enzo’s heel turn to hurt his merchandize sale numbers.

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