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13. Raven On Why He Left WCW In 1999

During a recent interview with ESPN, Old School WWF / WCW / ECW Legend Raven explained why he left World Championship Wrestling during the Monday Night Wars in 1999 and went back to the notably smaller Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion, where he won the ECW Tag Team Titles with his archnemesis Tommy Dreamer on the first day back.

Here’s what the former Johnny Polo had to say:

“I really wish I would’ve stayed. That’s one of my regrets. I didn’t stay because the idea he told me did nothing for me. I was gonna lose stock as a character, so I didn’t but I wish I would’ve stayed because the way things worked out with Vince Russo coming in six months later and Russo being a huge fan of mine, I probably would’ve been in the world title mix. I know I would’ve got way, way more money on my contract on my next deal because it was a year from being up, so I would’ve probably doubled what I was already making.

So it really was a stupid idea of me to go, but I wasn’t having fun. It’s still a huge regret.”

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