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Billy Gunn Says He Wanted To Punch Triple H For Mocking AEW At WWE Hall Of Fame 2019

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• Billy Gunn Says He Wanted To Punch Triple H For Mocking AEW At WWE Hall Of Fame 2019

During the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame induction of D-Generation X, Billy Gunn was already signed by Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling, so he wasn’t too thrilled when Triple H jokingly said that Vince McMahon would “buy that pissant company, just to fire you again”.

While doing a Q&A for the ‘For The Love of Wrestling’ podcast recently, WWF Legend Billy Gunn claimed that he wanted to punch Triple H for that joke, but ended up not doing it, as his wife managed to calm him down.

Here’s what Billy had to say:

“I let it go strictly because my wife told me to [laughs]. When everybody starts chanting AEW at the Hall of Fame, he’s got to try and shut it down somehow and whatever goes through his head, goes through his head, I’m not in control of that other than I could have punched him in the mouth. It’s what it is. I’m gonna bypass that.”

The former Mr. A$$ was then asked about the difference between AEW and WWE, to which he replied:

“The locker room difference is, there’s not as much pressure with AEW as there is with WWE. It’s a little bit lighter structure, which kind of drives me nuts, just a little bit. We’re a lot younger. A lot of the guys in WWE have been through the developmental system. It’s a younger locker room.

Everybody is into helping everybody and trying to understand what’s going on. They all haven’t been in that system up there, that system up there, for me, is a lot more structured, which I like.

It’s a little loose in our locker room, but it’s good and fun. I get all my information through my boys because I don’t hang out with anybody. That’s not my wheelhouse. I’m not in the office, I’m not there yet, I’m just in my own room.”

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