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Booker T Calls UFC Fighter “A Despicable Person” After Recent Comments

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During the UFC 296 pre-fight press conference, Colby Covington alleged that UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards’ late father was a $ex trafficker and drug lord who murdered people, and that he would send Edwards directly to his father in hell during their fight. Edwards threw a water bottle at Covington after this and security had to separate them.

In the main event of UFC 296, Edwards defeated Covington via unanimous decision in their 5-round fight to retain the Welterweight (170 lbs) Title.

Colby not only received backlash for his comments, he also received backlash for his performance, as he didn’t do much in the fight. Colby blamed his performance on his long layoff, but said that he still believes he won the fight. The only round he won was the 5th (final) round.

2-Time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T said the following about Colby’s performance and comments:

“He’s the lowest that they come as far as a pugilist. That’s not something that pugilists normally do as far as normally going that low in the gutter as far as to try to sell a fight. This guy’s been away from the game for 2 years and got a title shot. He should have been pretty pleased by that. He should have been pleased that he had the former President of the United States (Donald Trump) out there cheering for him.

It seems like that would have made him a little bit better too and try to get a victory which is something he hasn’t done in any of his title fights. Everything that Colby Covington has gotten, he should be thankful for because a lot of it has been given to him, it really has.

To go as low as he did, is definitely a despicable act. A despicable person. I hope this is the last time we see Colby Covington near a championship bout. Then he called out Wonderboy Thompson. Why ain’t he calling out any of these young guys. I never heard him call out anyone that’s on the come up. He’s just looking for a payday and that’s pretty much it.

Congratulations to Leon Edwards. I got a chance to meet him when I was overseas last time. I got a photo with him so that’s pretty cool.

[Dana White] said [Colby Covington] crossed the line but that was it. He really didn’t do anything. I’m a big believer in freedom of speech but when you’re working for my organization look like the way Colby Covington is making it look. It seems like someone would want to step in and do something about that. That’s just me personally.

If anybody was doing what Colby Covington was doing, they would not be a part of my organization. That’s just me.”

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