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Booker T Gives An Update On His “Confrontation” With CM Punk

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As we have reported before, CM Punk was backstage at this week’s NXT.

2-Time WWE Hall of Famer and NXT commentator Booker T noted on his podcast that he almost had a confrontation with Punk backstage.

Here’s what the WCW Legend said:

“I almost had a little run-in with CM Punk. The internet might want to pick that up. Me and CM Punk almost got into it at NXT this week. We’ll talk about it later, because they’re going to pick it up and run with it.”

Fightful Select reported the following about Booker T’s claim:

“Speaking to sources within NXT, there was a feeling of skepticism regarding Booker’s comments, with no sources being aware of the confrontation prior to his podcast.

One source pointed out that Punk has not had any issues backstage since his return last year, and expressed surprise that Booker would make such a claim without offering more context.

Security was also not made aware of any such confrontation, with no talk of such an incident.

In addition, NXT sources told that Punk has been very helpful and open to lending a hand any time he’s been backstage at NXT since his return to WWE.

Punk was said to be in good spirits at the taping and largely kept to himself outside of speaking with Shawn Michaels, Matt Bloom and a few members of the NXT roster.”

In an update, Booker T tweeted the following:

“People are making an issue of a 40 second clip out of a 2 hour show… the dispute between CM Punk could’ve been over a banana in catering hahah. Y’all are making much to do about nothing. “

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