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Buff Bagwell Explains Why He Was Forced To Become An Escort

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WCW Veteran Buff Bagwell recently shared insights into his past experiences as an escort during an episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

“My teeth are knocked out of my head, I’ve lost 50 pounds, and there are bills that are still coming in, and I don’t know what to do… So we made it make sense that I was going to be on this show called Gigolos and I was getting paid $25,000 to do it.”

Bagwell discussed how financial struggles, particularly mounting medical bills, prompted him to explore unconventional avenues for income.

He recounted initially agreeing to appear on the show Gigolos for $25,000, believing it to be a mentoring role. However, upon arrival, he realized the nature of the job was different than he had anticipated.

“So we didn’t know what I was doing quite yet…But I get all the way out there. And all of a sudden I see what I gotta do and I’m like, ‘Wait a second, what? Are you sh*ttin’ me?'”

Reflecting on the situation, Bagwell expressed his shock and discomfort with the tasks he was expected to perform. Although he did not engage in explicit activities on camera, Bagwell found himself navigating a world he had never imagined.

“It’s sad what a human will do when you’re in such a situation like losing your house, not having food in your mouth. And we were broke, man.”

Subsequently, Bagwell turned to Cowboys4Angels, a website offering escort services, to alleviate financial strain. He described the emotional toll of balancing financial pressures with marital obligations, admitting to entering a relationship with a client to support himself and his family.

“It was a website that you could hire a gigolo for a date, for a weekend, for a week… And it was like 10, 15, 20 thousand dollars to do this. We’re trying to pay the bills and the same time, keep a marriage. And it sounds ludicrous saying it now, but when you’re in it, it all happens so fast.”

The initial person Bagwell dated developed feelings for him, leading to a temporary living arrangement to address financial concerns. He would spend time with her to cover expenses before returning to his wife periodically.

However, when Judy’s busy work schedule prevented her from being home, Bagwell continued seeing the other person without her awareness.

Eventually, he disclosed to Judy that he was ending their marriage.

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