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6. Brock Lesnar To Face A Big Name In His UFC Return?

As we have noted before, word going on is that former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current Brock Lesnar is preparing for a return to the UFC. During a recent appearance on The LAW, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted that UFC wants Lesnar to fight at their December PPV and his possible opponent could be Jon Jones (who could be the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion heading into that fight if he defeats Daniel Cormier this Saturday night at UFC 214 PPV).

Below is what he said:

“There’s definitely fire to the smoke. Well, UFC wants a Lesnar fight because UFC’s having a bad year. I’d heard a couple weeks ago they wanted Ronda Rousey back and they want Brock Lesnar, they want another Conor McGregor fight this year. They’ve got a budget and this year has been terrible. They want some drawing power for the end of the year. Their idea is Jon Jones. That’s the name I was told.”

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