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5. Former WWE Manager Claims “Talking Smack” Was His Idea

Former WWE manager Armando Alejandro Estrada claimed on Twitter that “Talking Smack” was his idea. Below is what he posted on Twitter:

“In December 2011, I drove to a SmackDown taping in Indianapolis to have a meeting with Vince. Finally, after blowing me off for most of the day, we sat down in Gorilla before the taping and I pitched him an idea for a show. At the time, WWE was looking for ideas to create content for this vision they wanted to call “The Network”. The show I pitched Vince was a non-wrestling show that would allow talents that don’t get much mic time, the opportunity to pseudo-shoot and help get them comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. The show I envisioned was titled “Smack Talk” and I was to be the host. Vince smiled, said he liked the idea, shook my hand and said thank you. I drive home to Chicago that night thinking I was on to something. Little did I know I was about 5 years too early. RIP Talking Smack, you were a breath of fresh air!”

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