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Bray Wyatt Completely Changes His Physical Look Ahead Of WWE Return (Photo)

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (April 23, 1991) – Old School WWF Jobber Passed Away

On this day in 1991, we lost Old School WWF Jobber Frankie Williams (Real name: Armando Pumarejo) at the age of 51 due to lung cancer.

Frankie Williams was a well known enhancement talent on World Wrestling Federation TV from 1975 until 1985, and did the jobs for most of the big names from those years.

He’s also well remembered for a famous Piper’s Pit episode, where Roddy eventually beat him.


February 20, 1940 – April 23, 1991

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• Bray Wyatt Completely Changes His Physical Look Ahead Of WWE Return (Photo)

Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt debuted a new character on this week’s RAW and it’s something that no one could have ever predicted.

You can watch Wyatt’s new character below:

As seen in the above video, Wyatt took a shot at his previous gimmick and called it a ‘loser’.

This means that Wyatt will make his in-ring return very soon as well and he’s 100% ready for it.

Wyatt has completely transformed his physical look and you can check out a recent photo of him below:

As you can see, Wyatt has lost of a lot of fat and gained muscles as well!

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