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Bret Hart Explains Why He Was Disappointed With This Year’s Hall Of Fame Speeches

Bret Hart

• WWE VIDEO HISTORY (May 27, 2004) – WWE SmackDown!

On this day in 2004, World Wrestling Entertainment aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWE SmackDown!’.

It was pre-taped at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWE The Great American Bash 2004’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

1. Dudley Boyz vs. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam

2. Booker T vs. Scotty Too Hotty

3. Spike Dudley & Torrie Wilson vs. Jamie Noble & Dawn Marie

4. Chavo Guerrero Sr. vs. Akio

5. Lumberjack Match: John Cena vs. Renee Dupree

• Bret Hart Explains Why He Was Disappointed With This Year’s Hall Of Fame Speeches

During his appearance at Starrcast II, two time WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart revealed why he was disappointed with this year’s Hall of Fame speeches.

Below is what The Hitman said:

“I watched some of these Hall of Fame speeches, I won’t name names, but some of these wrestlers never thanked anybody. They thanked Stephanie [McMahon], Vince [McMahon], and Triple H, and I thought it was such bullsh*t. They should thank the wrestlers that made them and the wrestlers that worked with them.

I was really disappointed never thanked any of the wrestlers that went through the trouble to help them in their careers. Most of them didn’t have any recollection of those who helped them. I was disappointed with a lot of these speeches. I remember thinking, ‘These guys are the sh*ts’.”

Bret also addressed him getting attacked at the WWE Hall of Fame 2019 ceremony. Bret noted that he felt bad for the fan:

“I’m waiting for it to happen again (joke). I felt bad that happened. When I think about it now, it’s like you get that stubbornness. I was determined to finish my speech, dammit. I came here for a reason, I wanted to speak about Jim “The Anvil,” I worked hard on my speech. I worked for about two weeks on it, sort of tweaking it.

I thought I had it down and when this guy interrupted it and tried to ruin it, I thought they were trying to clear everybody out of the ring, like we were done. I was like, ‘No, I’m not done yet. I didn’t even get warmed up yet.’ I feel bad for what happened to him. It wasn’t such a bad day for me, it was more of a bad day for him.”

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