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Bret Hart Thinks 2x WWE Hall Of Famer Sabotaged His Career

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During a recent appearance on the ‘Full Send’ podcast, WWF Legend ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan spoke about Wrestling Superstars who had issues with him at some point in the past, including ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, Scott Steiner, … and also Bret Hart.

Here’s what The Hulkster had to say:

“The only other person was Bret Hart, who thought I basically sabotaged his career because Bret thought he should have been the greatest wrestler that ever lived, and he said it was my fault.

I don’t know. It’s just different. Some guys see things differently. Like the Bret Hart thing, I really didn’t understand because when he got pi$$ed at me, I won the belt from Yokozuna at a WrestleMania, where Bret lost and Bret told me to go in the ring and wrestle, and then I won the belt right after Bret wrestled.

The deal was for me to drop it back to Yokozuna. Then Bret got in my face, like ‘Hey, you were supposed to drop the belt to me.’ I said, ‘No, I’m not.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, you are.’ I said, ‘Let’s talk to Vince then.’

So we both went in and sat down and talked to Vince, and Vince looked at Bret and said, ‘Bret, that’s what you thought you heard.’ Ever since then, he hated my guts and wanted to kill me.

Then when Eric Bischoff asked me if I could work with him at WCW, I said, ‘Hell yeah, bring him in. I can work with anybody.’ All of a sudden, we had about 8 or great matches. We got along great, we traveled together, we had 8 or 9 good matches, and then when WCW’s over, he hated me. I said, ‘Okay. Whatever.’ But it’s just stuff like that.”

The Hitman used to blame Hogan in his autobiography for not dropping the WWF Championship to him at the SummerSlam 1993 pay-per-view, but instead putting Yokozuna over at King of the Ring, 2 months earlier.

In recent years, Bret didn’t talk bad about Hulk as much he used to, because he found a new Wrestler to bash in Bill Goldberg, who Hart blames for ending his career with a stiff kick during their WCW Starrcade 1999 main event.

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