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Brie Bella Tells An Embarrassing Nikki Bella Story Involving $ex Toys

Nikki Bella WWE Divas Champion

• Brie Bella Tells An Embarrassing Nikki Bella Story Involving $ex Toys

During an appearance on A Little Late With Lily Singh, WWE Hall Of Famers Nikki Bella & Brie Bella, together known as The Bella Twins, talked about their younger brother J.J. and his role in their lives.

Brie went on to tell an embarrassing story about Nikki. Below are the highlights:

Brie Bella: “He’s always a part of everything. Like, for example, my sister really needed her birth certificate. I don’t even know why. Was it for a passport? She calls my brother and she’s like, ‘J.J., can you please go into my closet in this drawer, get my birth certificate, and then mail it to me?’

So he goes, this poor kid, and he opens up her top drawer and he was like ‘she has to be kidding me.’ Am I allowed to say $ex toys? A gazillion $ex toys! He called her and goes, ‘Your birth certificate is in here?’ and that’s where she hides it.”

Nikki Bella on why she hid her passport below her toys:

“Because I was just thinking that if anyone was ever to rob me, no one was going to dig under my $ex toys to take my Social Security card and my birth certificate.

I thought it was a great plan, and then – I’m not going to lie – when I got home I remember opening up my drawers like, ‘Ew, my brother has seen and touched these.’ Like, I’m burning them.”

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