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Brock Lesnar To Answer Survivor Series 2017 Challenge Tonight, WWE Teases The Possible Next Challenger For The Universal Championship, WWF Veteran Reveals What WWE Did Right During Jinder Mahal’s Survivor Series 2017 Announcement Segment

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Brock Lesnar To Answer Survivor Series 2017 Challenge Tonight

As seen on last week’s episode of SmackDown Live, WWE Champion “The Modern Day Maharaja” Jinder Mahal challenged Universal Champion Brock Lesnar to a match at Survivor Series 2017.

Lesnar will answer that challenge on tonight’s episode of Raw. Below is what WWE posted about this:

“Jinder Mahal, you have Brock Lesnar’s attention.

After SmackDown LIVE’s WWE Champion threw down the gauntlet for a match against Raw’s Universal Champion, The Beast Incarnate will issue his response to The Modern Day Maharaja next Monday night, live on Raw.

Should Lesnar accept this Champion vs. Champion Match challenge, the WWE Universe will bear witness to a battle of brand supremacy at WWE Survivor Series on Sunday, Nov. 19. How will The Anomaly respond?”

WWE Teases The Possible Next Challenger For The Universal Championship

After defeating former WWE Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles in a “first time ever” match at TLC 2017, WWE is teasing that Balor is continuing his journey for the Universal Championship and below is what they posted:

“Finn Bálor may not have been able to get Bray Wyatt off his back once and for all at WWE TLC, but his Demon denied SmackDown LIVE’s AJ Styles in a one-off confrontation that came about when The Phenomenal One stepped in to bat cleanup.

With The Phenomenal One surely back on Team Blue, Bálor faces his next step in his goal to reclaim the Universal Championship. What will the “Extraordinary Man” do?”

As we have noted before, Balor is next in-line for a Universal Title shot against “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar.

WWF Veteran Reveals What WWE Did Right During Jinder Mahal’s Survivor Series 2017 Announcement Segment

During an edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz talked about Jinder Mahal’s Survivor Series 2017 announcement segment from last week’s SmackDown Live.

Taz revealed what WWE did right during that segment and you can read it below:

“We saw Jinder Mahal come out and call out Brock Lesnar. I think his promo was excellent. I have no problem. I like Jinder. I think Jinder in his promo work is getting more comfortable. He just knows how to generate some heat. I liked it. I liked AJ coming out, getting in his face.

They were borderline on something that I was a little nervous about but they, the WWE, protected it and did the right thing. They didn’t go bad on this and I’m gonna tell you what I’m talking about. When Jinder challenged Brock, the announcers kind of were like…… almost like… “What? Is he crazy?”.

And I’m thinking – easy guys because you don’t want to put Jinder on a lower level than the Universal Champ. He’s the WWE Champ. Brock’s the Universal Champ. You want to keep them on the same level. So you don’t want to make it like – “Oh my god, Jinder Mahal is gonna get his a$$ kicked off. God! He sucks compared to Brock. Brock is legit. Brock is huge. Oh my god, Jinder’s gonna get crushed. He’s gonna get killed.”

And they didn’t do that. Thank God! Because that just takes all the credibility in your champion Jinder Mahal. And they didn’t do that. You can’t. You got to really be careful with that and they did the right thing. You got to keep these guys at an even playing field for the storyline perspective.

If you’re going this route to Survivor Series, you got to keep it even. Also…you know… because Brock’s gonna come out on Raw, he’s gonna accept…. you know… that’s gonna happen. Either him or Paul are gonna accept and that’s cool. And as we get closer to Mania, and I’m sure you’ll see this, you got to go in with Heat.

This is – stop putting a car ahead of the horse. But you gotta have Jinder get some heat on Brock eventually to keep this thing the right way going into the match, otherwise it’s a little topsy-turvy.

I liked AJ coming out and this is also where they almost went too far and they teased it which was very cool, clever. I don’t think a lot of people noticed what they did here. I did. AJ goes, “Wait a minute! Did I hear you right?”

As he’s walking down the aisle. I’m paraphrasing – “Did I hear you right? Did I hear you right?” and Jinder was…. “Yeah, you heard it right. I challenged Brock Lesnar.”

Styles then said: “No, I don’t care about that. I’m talking about you said – you beat the best around. You didn’t beat me.”

It was cool. He kind of dangled like….. Did I hear you right? Like you really think you could face Brock? Like he didn’t say that but…..

They dangled it a little bit. Teased it with AJ… you know… where he came out, I thought it was clever, he was like,” No.. no.. no.. I don’t care about that….”. Because he shouldn’t. AJ shouldn’t care that Jinder and Brock might face each other at Survivor Series. He shouldn’t give a rat’s a$$. You’re phenomenal. You don’t care about nobody else.

But the tease of it was like – “Did I hear you right, dude?” Like in my opinion…I’m thinking….”Oh god! No AJ, don’t say it.” He’s gonna say – “You really think you could beat Brock Lesnar?” He didn’t say that. Thank God he didn’t.

And now they’re gonna do a thing which I don’t like. They’re gonna do a thing where one of the Singh Brothers is gonna face AJ. I personally think they gotta somehow, someway get into having Jinder face AJ. And maybe they will.”

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