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3. Hall of Famer To Have His “Real” Retirement Next Weekend, Eric Bischoff Talks About Being Impressed By Billy Kidman, Reveals What He Hated In WCW, WWF Flashback: The Undertaker Faces Who

– During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Old School Wrestling Legend and WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk talked about him returning to the ring recently and said that he’ll have his “real” retirement next weekend. Below are the highlights:

On how he felt when he returned to the ring last week:

“I felt very old, naturally, walking into that ring. But how did I feel inside the ring? I felt elated. I was back in my family’s house. That’s where I belong, at home. Just to be back with the people that I love and in the profession I absolutely grew up in, that meant a great deal to me. I loved where I was very much.”

On Funk having his “real” retirement next weekend:

“Dahgum, I just got out of the ring in the Carolinas. I just had two matches with Lawler, and you want to know if I’m going to come back? Come to think of it, next weekend, I’m going to have my real, real, real, real, real, real retirement.”

– During a recent edition of “Bischoff On Wrestling” podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff talked about being impressed by Billy Kidman and revealed what he hated in WCW. Below are the highlights:

On Billy Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera from WCW Monday Nitro:

“What a phenomenal match. What a phenomenal finish. Billy Kidman was incredible. Billy Kidman was so ahead of his time in so many ways, so was Juventud by the way, but Billy Kidman as an American wrestler to be able to get in there and mix it up the way he mixed it up with Juventud in that match was, I think, really phenomenal. ‘

I think Billy Kidman deserves a lot more credit as a performer. Everybody remembers him but he did some amazing stuff. He’s a producer now backstage at WWE. He’s a very knowledgeable guy. He gets the whole picture, not just a piece of it.”

You can watch this match below:

On if he was a fan of The Flock in WCW:

“I hated it. It was one of those ideas that we tried and I agreed to go along with it. Ugh, that whole grunge thing was just kind of, “eh.” It didn’t resonate. People did not relate to it. Wrestling fans did not relate to it.”

WWF Flashback: The Undertaker Faces Who

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