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Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman Open For Business Prior To Superstar Shake-Up

Brock Lesnar WWE Undisputed Champion with Paul Heyman

As we all know, “Superstar Shake-Up” will take place in WWE this week (where Raw & SmackDown Live Superstars will switch brands). Paul Heyman made multiple tweets where he noted that him and WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar are open for business prior to the shake-up.

Below are all the combined tweets:

“While my client @BrockLesnar and I are looking forward to @WWE’s #SuperstarShakeup this coming Monday, let’s be perfectly transparent,” Heyman wrote. “There is everyone else on the @WWE #RAW and #Smackdown rosters, and then there is @BrockLesnar (along with his humble #Advocate). It is imperative for @shanemcmahon, @WWEDanielBryan, @StephMcMahon, @RealKurtAngle and even @VinceMcMahon to know the intrinsic value my client @BrockLesnar brings not only to the #SuperstarShakeup but simply to @WWE as a whole.

In layman’s terms (or, actually, in HEYMAN’s terms), even the mere DISCUSSION about @BrockLesnar in regards to the #SuperstarShakeup requires a negotiation IN ADVANCE of any discussion, no matter how high up or serious that discussion goes!”

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