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Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman Reform Their Partnership On Tonight’s SmackDown?

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• Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman Reform Their Partnership On Tonight’s SmackDown?

Tonight’s SmackDown kicked off with Sami Zayn coming out on a wheelchair with a neck brace on. Sami said he’s the toughest man in WWE, and that it took two of the most dominant men in WWE to put him in a wheelchair.

Sami said he got robbed last week and is going to sue everyone – Sonya Deville, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and the referee.

Paul Heyman then came out. Heyman began talking, but Sami kept on interrupting him. Sami said he knows Roman Reigns isn’t here tonight and threatened to beat up Heyman, but Brock Lesnar came out!

Sami is scared out of his mind. Brock picks up a Steel Chair and warns SmackDown Commentator Pat McAfee. Lesnar asks Sami how he’s doing and Sami tells him to shut his mouth when Brock began joking about his condition.

Brock said Sami knows he can’t beat Roman and that he helped him last week. Brock invited Sami to hunting and fishing, but Sami said he’s a Vegan. Lesnar then said they should hang out and began pushing Sami’s wheelchair.

Heyman then took the mic from Lesnar and asked what the hell is happening and what has happened to The Beast. Heyman began hyping Lesnar about how he was The Conqueror a few years ago, and this resulted in Brock assaulting the nurses and Sami as well.

Brock ended the segment with an F5 to Zayn!

In a backstage segment, Kayla Braxton asked Lesnar what was the point of what just happened, and Lesnar said she should ask his advocate, Paul Heyman.

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