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WWF Legend Wasn’t Allowed To Thank Vince McMahon During His Hall Of Fame Speech

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• WWF Legend Wasn’t Allowed To Thank Vince McMahon During His Hall Of Fame Speech

During a recent episode of his weekly ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ podcast, our Olympic Gold Medalist revealed that Vince McMahon didn’t want to be mentioned in Kurt’s 2017 WWE Hall of Fame speech.

Here’s what Angle said about the situation:

“I had, ‘I want to thank Vince McMahon for everything he did for me,’ and he said, ‘Kurt, take that out.’ He said, ‘I don’t want anybody thanking me, I do not want a thank you. I don’t even want you to thank the company. I want you to thank the fans and whoever else you want, but do not thank me or the company. Leave my name out of it.’

That’s how Vince is, he never wants the credit for anything.”

Angle also revealed what the writers told him 5 minutes before his speech:

“It was so much fun. I got to relive my past, you know, doing the milk segment with two half-gallons of milk and throwing them back, and the cowboy hat. Also, singing Sexy Kurt.

The crazy thing is, 5 minutes before my speech, the writers came into my green room and said, ‘Hey, we need you to be very entertaining.’ I’m like, ‘I already have my speech ready.’

They’re like, ‘Well, is there anything entertaining in it?’ I said, ‘Well, it’s a bunch of thank yous.’ They’re like, ‘No, you got to do something entertaining.’ I said, ‘What do you want me to do?’ They said, ‘If you need anything, tell us and we’ll get it for you.’ I said, ‘I’m on in 5 minutes.’ They said, ‘We’ll get it for you before the 5 minutes is up.’ I said, ‘Well, get me two quarts of milk and a cowboy hat.’ They said, ‘That’s all you need?’ I said, ‘Yes.’

[Vince McMahon] hugged me and he said it was awesome. He said it was one of the most entertaining speeches he’s ever heard. That makes me feel really good because there have been a lot of good Hall of Fame speeches.”

Kurt Angle wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation (later WWE) from 1999 until 2006 and again from 2017 till his retirement from professional wrestling in 2019.

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