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John Cena Loses Clean On SmackDown Live, New Title Match Added To No Mercy 2016, Update On The SummerSlam Rematch Between Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton, “Conor McGregor Is A Keyboard Warrior” – Goldberg

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8. “Conor McGregor Is A Keyboard Warrior” – Goldberg
During a recent appearance on Submission Radio, former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg was asked about UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor getting heat from the wrestling community for his negative comments towards Pro-Wrestlers to generate interest for his UFC 202 fight among wrestling fans.

Below is what Goldberg said:

“I thought the funniest thing I’ve ever seen was Randy Orton calling him ‘Conor McDonald’. I think that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Hey man, you have to embrace it. It’s the same crowd. One grows up and feeds into the other. You can’t tell me, and I said this before, that 75-percent of the guys wouldn’t die to be professional wrestlers that are fighting, and vice versa. We have a lot respect for each other, a lot of us train in martial arts and a lot of them walk around and act like they’re us. So the cross-promotion – Dana White is Vince McMahon in training. I’ve said that 20 years ago. I think it’s business, I think it’s smart business. Whether it’s Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania, whether Conor is working this thing. I can tell you one thing, I was around when Brock responded to Conor (laughs) and nothing that Brock does is a work. So the words that came out of his mouth, he fully believes and I do also. And I think that if it wasn’t a work, then it’s a sad situation when you have to talk crap about other organizations that you know your paths are never going to cross competitively.

So at the end of the day, you’re kind of like a keyboard warrior unless you want to step into the guy’s gym or unless you want to do it on TV, you know, meet in the middle. I always thought that was kind of cheap, but hey, you know, McGregor doesn’t know what he’s talking about if he actually thinks that. I think that the cross-promotion is brilliant, as long as it doesn’t get hokey for the UFC and as long as WWE can capitalize on the realism of what the UFC brings. It sure enhances Brock’s stock when he walks over to do sports entertainment, I mean, let’s be honest.”

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