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Brock Lesnar To Make Big UFC Appearance On PPV Next Month? Offered Big Money Fight

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• NXT Wrestler Comments On Being Motivated By Alexa Bliss’ Rise

During a recent interview with TV Insider, NXT wrestler Kacy Catanzaro talked about being motivated by seeing Alexa Bliss’ rise, working NXT live events, which NXT star could do well in American Ninja Warrior and more.

Below are the highlights:

On being motivated by seeing Alexa Bliss’ rise:

“Alexa helped changed my perspective. She has been growing and rising so much the last couple of years that I’ve really been thinking about WWE and seeing if it would be possible. I’ve definitely been looking to her to fuel that drive. The ‘Five Feet of Fury’ and being tiny but bringing that fire. She gave me that extra push to show that I could do this.”

On working NXT live events:

“I had all those butterflies in my stomach. I immediately think I’m sure what anyone thinks, ‘Man, am I ready? Am I going to be okay out there?’ Then you tell yourself, ‘They wouldn’t put me out there if I wasn’t ready.’ Those nerves, but excited nerves, were there. I was surprised, but I have been working so hard since I got here. We have the best training facility and everything I need to be great. So, if I put that work in, I know it’s possible.

The live events are so fun. I love interacting with the crowd and getting that time out there. The TV tapings are bigger. There is more lighting, cameras and everything that goes into it that it does add to everything when you are out there. I remember coming out for my entrance and looking around thinking to myself, ‘This is what I want. I want to be out here. I want to entertain these people.'”

On which NXT star could do well in American Ninja Warrior:

“I would say Bianca Belair, because she is one of the most athletic people I’ve seen in real life. Bianca just has great body control and is the strongest, fastest, toughest. Within all of that, she would do really well on the obstacle course.”

• Brock Lesnar To Make Big UFC Appearance On PPV Next Month? Offered Big Money Fight

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, current Universal Championship Brock Lesnar has been offered to fight the winner of the Stipe Miocic & Daniel Cormier “Super Fight” for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

With that being said, it’s very much possible that Lesnar actually shows up at next month’s UFC 226 PPV for the Miocic-Cormier fight.

Below is what Meltzer said:

“Lesnar has been asked to face the winner of the 7/7 Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier fight for the heavyweight title, which from a sports standpoint is ridiculous given that Lesnar hasn’t had a true UFC win since Shane Carwin in 2010 (his 2016 win over Mark Hunt was changed to a no contest when he tested positive for Clomiphene). But that would also be a money fight.

As noted before, it’s going down to the wire. The idea for that fight is on 12/30 in Las Vegas, which means Lesnar needs to put himself back in the USADA testing pool by 6/30. If he does, it would not be a surprise for Lesnar to show up at the 7/7 UFC 226 show. I can tell you that while that is not decided on, it is something under discussion for him to show up and challenge the winner or them at least tease that.”

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