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Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns – WrestleMania 31

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns - WrestleMania 31

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns comes out first and was seen pushing a fan. The reason is unknown at the moment. Brock Lesnar comes out next. The match starts on a very physical note and Lesnar hits an F5 and Lesnar is already busted open after a punch from Reigns.

Reigns clotheslines Lesnar and Lesnar is still on his feet and hits another german suplex on Reigns. Reigns is still smiling. Lesnar with another german. Lesnar with knees to Reigns’ face. Lesnar with a huge clothesline on Reigns on the ring apron!

After eating Reigns’ hard hitting knees on the face, Lesnar is bleeding from the mouth. Lesnar with another suplex driving Reigns out of the ring. Lesnar hits the F5 and Reigns kicks out. Lesnar has removed his gloves as he looks to finish this up. Lesnar with a hard slap to the face adding insult to injury.

Lesnar with a series of germans and hits the F5 and Reigns kicks out again. Lesnar bangs his head on the pole and his bleeding profusely. Reigns with a Superman punch! Another Superman punch! Lesnar is reeling. Reigns with headbutts and another superman punch! Reigns with a spear!!

Reigns with another spear and Lesnar kicks out! Lesnar hits the F5!! Rollins comes out! Rollins cashes in! This is triple threat match.

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