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The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt – WrestleMania 31

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt - WrestleMania 31

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt – WrestleMania 31

Bray Wyatt makes his special entrance. Crowd is now chanting for Undertaker. The Undertaker’s music hits! The Undertaker arrives and he looks awesome! Looks like he lost a lot of weight. He returns in his 2004 attire.

Taker looks like 5 years younger and has grown some hair back! Taker looks in great shape and has definitely lost a lot of weight! Taker kicks Wyatt down and pummels him with a series of punches! Taker punishing Wyatt. Undertaker goes for the Old School and hits Wyatt and Wyatt is down and crowd cheers big time!

“You still got it chant” from the crowd and Wyatt hits a big clothesline to Taker. Taker with his vintage leg drop on the ring end. Taker with a snake eyes and goes for the big boot but Wyatt hits him with a running elbow!

Wyatt with a series of kicks and punches in the corner. Wyatt with a right hand. Taker comes back with a right hand strike. Wyatt working on Taker’s neck. Crowd chanting for Undertaker. Wyatt hits his knee to Taker’s head to the steel steps and it looks like Wyatt legit hurt his knee.

Taker applies Hell’s Gate on Wyatt! Wyatt breaks the hold. Wyatt hits a chokeslam on Taker and a body drop on Taker and Taker kicks out. Wyatt looking to hit Sister Abigail but Taker hits the Chokeslam and crowd pops big time!

Taker hits Tombstone Piledriver and Wyatt kicks out! Wyatt hits Sister Abigail and Taker kicks out. Taker and Wyatt with a series of punches. Wyatt mocks Undertaker with his rest in peace sign. Taker hits Tombstone and Taker wins!

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