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Brodie Lee Saved Mustafa Ali From Breaking His Neck At WrestleMania 35 (Video)

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• Brodie Lee Saved Mustafa Ali From Breaking His Neck At WrestleMania 35 (Video)

On the WrestleMania 35 Kickoff Show, Brodie Lee (known as Luke Harper at that time) and Mustafa Ali competed in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Lee and Ali were involved in a dangerous spot. Brodie was trying to eliminate Ali was suplexing him out of the ring. In the middle of that, Strowman delivered a Big Boot to Brodie and eliminated both them.

While this spot was planned, it was very dangerous and could’ve resulted in Ali breaking his neck. But that didn’t happen as Brodie managed to safely suplex Ali on the floor.

While Ali’s head collided with the announce table after the bump on the floor, nothing catastrophic happened, thanks to Brodie Lee.

You can watch different angles of this scary bump below:


With Brodie’s untimely passing, Ali recalled the above incident while remembering the late AEW wrestler.

Here’s what Ali tweeted:

“Gutted to hear about Jon passing away. He saved me from a broken neck. He would get so mad when I pulled up a chair for him to sit in and referred to him as ‘Taker-sir.’

“You’re gonna get me heat, kid.”

Condolences to his family and peers that loved him dearly.


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