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Bron Breakker Was Backstage At AEW Dynamite Once

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• Bron Breakker Was Backstage At AEW Dynamite Once

During an interview with Fightful, current WWE NXT Champion Bron Breakker (son of Rick Steiner) revealed that he has attended AEW Dynamite in the past.

He went to the show when they were in Atlanta and he met a lot of his father’s friends over there.

Below is what the 24-year-old champion said:

“I went to an AEW show when I was playing football. My dad is really good friends with a lot of people that work in the back.

I just got to meet those guys, went to a wrestling show because it was in my backyard in Atlanta, right down the street. Just went down there to meet people. It was cool.”

Speaking of Breakker, he recently made the following prediction for June:

“I predict Bron Breakker is Intercontinental Champion by June. Intercontinental Champion, if not more, by June. I will say, just to cover my own you know what, I look at the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship as kind of that same level.

I know enough about this place, I know enough about this business and I think it’s been a long time since we’ve seen someone like Bron Breakker.

Someone who is no-nonsense, no BS, no frills, just smash mouth with a smart personality, with a demeanor.

A dude who just wants to put in the work and pay respect and be great and make a name for himself while paying homage to the past, that’s a special combination that’s few and far between.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself by saying June, but that’s how big I think this dude can be in this business.”

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July 11, 1948 – January 17, 2008

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