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Brooke Hogan Gives An Update On Hulk Hogan’s Health – 25 Surgeries In The Last 10 Years!

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• Brooke Hogan Gives An Update On Hulk Hogan’s Health – 25 Surgeries In The Last 10 Years!

During a recent interview with Hollywood Raw, Brooke Hogan gave an update on her father Hulk Hogan’s health.

Here’s what she said:

“We counted how many surgeries he’s had in the last 10 years and I think we’re at 25.

He’s had both shoulders scoped and he had his whole bicep and his bursa sac and everything tied up in his shoulder last year. That was a disaster.

He got MRSA and it was like a big thing. So we had to go back and undo tons of physical therapy. He’s had both of his knees replaced multiple times, I think twice on both. He’s had his hips done. He’s had his elbow scope.

So yeah, he’s had so many surgeries, so he’s done a ton, but this last one that he just had finally was like the winning ticket.

So right now, he’s feeling great. He’s working out two hours in the gym every day. He’s still chugging along.”

Hogan’s final televised match took place 10 years ago this month.

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