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Bryan Danielson Is Now Handing Fines To AEW Wrestlers

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In a recent development within All Elite Wrestling, Bryan Danielson has taken on a role in the AEW Disciplinary Committee.

With a recent surge in complaints from AEW stars regarding their booking, Danielson has reportedly taken a proactive approach to maintain discipline.

According to Sean Ross Sapp on Fightful’s The Hump, Danielson is now imposing fines on AEW talent for social media misconduct. It has been revealed that a couple of individuals have already faced penalties for their actions.

The move is seen as an effort to curb public grievances and maintain professionalism among AEW performers. With Danielson taking a hands-on approach to enforce social media conduct, there is speculation that such fines may serve as a deterrent, prompting talent to be more cautious about their online interactions.

It remains to be seen how this new disciplinary measure will impact the behavior of AEW stars on social media platforms. Fans and insiders alike will be keeping a close eye on whether the fines lead to a more harmonious environment within the AEW roster, discouraging public disputes and fostering a culture of respect and professionalism.

Are Matt & Jeff Hardy the two wrestlers that have been fined by Bryan, as per this report? For those who don’t know, The Hardys recently expressed their displeasure regarding their AEW booking publicly on Matt’s podcast.

Jeff revealed that he feels like a ghost in AEW these days, which is exactly what he felt in WWE during his last run, where he wasn’t booked like a top star (tap here to read more).

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