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Bubba Ray Dudley Reveals Why The Dudley Boyz Left The WWE In 2005

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• Bubba Ray Dudley Reveals Why The Dudley Boyz Left The WWE In 2005

During an appearance on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, WWE Hall Of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley talked about The Dudley Boyz leaving WWE in 2005.

Below is what he said:

“We go home for a couple of months. I get in touch with Johnny and Vince and said, ‘we’re sitting here doing nothing. You’re paying us, let us go to OVW and help some of the younger teams down there?’

So we go down there, and we start working with Mercury & Morrison, MNM, who get called up very shortly after that.

So for me, that was a – I had a sense of pride because – I let the boss know, we’ll go down there, we’ll get some guys ready for you, we’ll get some young guys ready, and they did get the call.

So I was happy about that, and then we just sat home until ECW One Night Stand. They figured they’d been home for this long, why not just hold off for One Night Stand.

It becomes a financial thing. It becomes, ‘we’d like you to take a little bit less of a downside,’ and we’re like, ‘we’ve been warriors for you for 6 years. We’ve done everything you’ve asked. Yes, maybe I can be a little bit difficult to do business with at times, but that’s only the best interest of business.’

I’m not a yes man. We just couldn’t come to an agreement on money, and that was it. Thank you, see you down the road.”

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