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“By next WrestleMania, Vince McMahon is in the wrestling business” – Famous Wrestling Personality

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An SEC filing on April 12th disclosed that three shareholders, including Vince McMahon, have made their TKO stock available for sale. McMahon’s portion amounts to 8,021,405 shares, representing the entirety of his remaining stake in the company.

This move marks a pivotal moment in WWE’s history, potentially signaling the end of McMahon’s longstanding tenure as the driving force behind the company.

If McMahon were to sell all of his remaining shares, valued at over $786 million as of April 12th, it would mark the culmination of his more than 40-year reign at the helm of WWE.

It’s worth noting that legally, McMahon could still resume running a pro wrestling company as early as January 2025, after his non-compete ends. After Vince put up his remaining shares for sale, rumors began that he might begin a new pro-wrestling promotion.

According to the Wrestling Observer, that won’t be the case:

“While my belief is that McMahon is done in wrestling, given he’s 78 years old, from a legal standpoint he does have a one-year non-compete ends in late January 2025. He can, at that point, start up a new promotion.

Since the word got out, I’ve had discussions and other communications with some of the most prominent people in wrestling regarding the possibility that he gets back into wrestling, something that has been his life since starting to work for his father as a promoter in the late 1960s.

My own feeling, which is shared by the majority of those I have talked to, is that McMahon is done due to the combination of his age, reputation and lack of openings.”

However, wrestling personality Conrad Thompson (Ric Flair’s son-in-law) thinks otherwise.

On Eric Bischoff’s 83 Weeks podcast, Conrad said the following:

“By next WrestleMania, I say Vince is in the wrestling business.”

Bischoff didn’t agree:

“I wouldn’t put any money on it. I don’t even gamble, but I’d just go play blackjack in Vegas instead. I wouldn’t put any money on it.”

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