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Cancelled Plan For WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Revealed

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• ON THIS DAY IN WCW HISTORY (December 17, 1989) – NWA Main Event

On this day in 1989, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling presented an episode of their weekly TV show ‘NWA Main Event’.

This episode featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘NWA WrestleWar 1990’ PPV.

The card can be found below:

Eddie Gilbert vs. Kevin Sullivan

Road Warriors Interview

Jim Cornette Promo

Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane vs. Ranger Ross & Tommy Rich

Arn & Ole Anderson vs. Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin

• Cancelled Plan For WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Revealed

During a recent appearance on WINCLY podcast, two time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair revealed that he was originally scheduled to get physical at WWE Crown Jewel 2019, but Vince McMahon nixed the plan.

Below are the highlights:

On how he’s feeling:

“Absolutely fantastic, I feel great. I was just with friends a couple of weeks ago, and it’s taken a few years, but I’m back to normal. I’m better than I was prior to getting sick. So, certainly someone’s been watching over me and taking care of me.”

On Vince nixing original plan of him getting physical at Crown Jewel 2019:

“I got cleared medically to do something in Saudi and then Vince nixed it. If I would have fed Roman in that huge comeback he made, or tapped Hogan, that would have been the coup de gras.

You just wanna give them everything they paid for and sometimes if you’re not physically involved, you feel like you’re not giving everything you had if you’re not physical.

I have this gift that God has given me where I don’t hurt anywhere, knock on wood.”

On if he’s capable of wrestling a match:

“Yes… well, no, not wrestle a match. I could get knocked down. Could I wrestle a match? Yes… but I couldn’t because it would take me so long to get in that kind of shape. But I could be involved in a spot or take a bump.

When I sit ringside and you see the speed and how fast the guys move, you think that at one time I was doing that. It’s amazing and now I see why people buy those ringside seats as you have a whole new appreciation.

But getting back, if I could have just fed Roman after he cleaned the house – boom, take a bump on the apron or the floor – they would have gone nuts. Roman winked at me and pointed to his heart and shook his head [laughs].”

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