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Candice Michelle Says Former WWE Diva Recently Confronted Her

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Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle had heat with Melina back in the day and she revealed a few years ago that they almost got into a backstage fight.

While speaking to WrestlingNewsco, Candice revealed that Melina recently confronted her about their old issues.

Below is what Candice said:

“I think this was our interview last time. We talked about the heat I had with Melina back in the day, right? Your interview got a lot of attention, and I did an appearance with her and things have been great until I walked into this appearance and she was like, really upset with me.

She’s like, ‘I hear you telling people that I’m hard to work with.’ I was like, ‘Where is this coming from? Like, this happened years ago, like, we are cool with each other. Right?’

She was just really hot with me and she’s like blaming it. I looked at her and I said, ‘You were hard to work with. Do you remember?’ We were not friends. We made it work because we weren’t friends, you know, and so that was just coming up just recently because your podcast got a lot of attention around then.

People thought, ‘Oh, they’re fighting now.’ I’m like, ‘No, actually, we’re not fighting now’, but you know, the way people kind of construe these words of where it is, and then, you know, just really touching on what happened back then and where we are now.

You know what it was? One fan came up to her and changed the words, the telephone game, right? So she heard that, but just took it to heart and like, lashed out at me. I was like, ‘Whoa, like, are you okay? Like, what’s going on?’

Then we have to go right into a live Q&A for all the fans and so we have this heat between us. I’m like, okay, let’s go. I felt like I was back in my wrestling days. Like, I’m not sure what’s happening, but we’re going to this Q&A and they’re going to ask some questions and I’m gonna be honest.

Afterwards, we went out. We had some dinner together and she was like, ‘I’m sorry. I think I overreacted.’ I was like, ‘Okay.’”

After not being chosen for the RAW Diva Search, Candice Michelle joined WWE in 2004 and competed for the promotion until she was released in June 2009.

Her biggest moment came at the ‘WWE Vengeance 2007 – Night of Champions’ pay-per-view, where Candice defeated Melina for the WWE Women’s Championship.

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