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Cathy Kelley Suffers A N-p Slip (Video)

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Below are a couple of top WWE news stories of the day, involving Cathy Kelley, Grayson Waller and Taylor Swift.

• WWE Backstage Interviewer Cathy Kelley suffered a nip slip recently. You can watch it below:

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• Super Bowl LVIII featured a highly anticipated matchup between star tight ends George Kittle and Travis Kelce. Kelce outperformed Kittle, contributing to the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over San Francisco 49ers.

After the big game, World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins extended an invitation for them to attend WrestleMania 40.

Here’s what Rollins said in an interview with Sports Illustrated:

“I would extend an invitation to both George and Travis. We’re in Philly, his brother (Jason Kelce) is there. We can have both of the Kelces there, why not? Let’s have a party. Bring your girl (Taylor Swift). Bring all the Swifties. Let’s go. I love everybody. Let’s party.

George, he’s coming to WrestleMania anyway. He was at WrestleMania last year, he comes to all the WrestleManias, he’s coming anyway. I’d love to have the Kelces there. All of them. Bring the whole crew.”

SmackDown star Grayson Waller, who doesn’t like Swift, reacted to this news by posting a GIF of Steve Carell / Michael Scott from The Office screaming “NO! GOD! NO, GOD, PLEASE, NO! NO! NO! NOOOOO!”

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