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Which Chant Does Vince McMahon Hate? Taz Thinks Ronda Rousey Has Signed With WWE, Explains Why People Who Learn Under WWE Have Success Most Of The Times


• Taz Thinks Ronda Rousey Has Signed With WWE, Explains Why People Who Learn Under WWE Have Success Most Of The Times

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Taz had the following to say regarding former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey possibly joining WWE:

“I think, personally, there’s a good chance that she already signed a contract with WWE and I think that they’re waiting to make a big deal that she signed and they are kayfabing her. That’s what I think. Usually with this type of stuff when there’s smoke there’s fire and I really do feel like that’s the situation with this. I think she already maybe have signed.

Look, she’s a big star, Ronda Rousey and there’s no doubt about that and they’re not gonna invest like they did at WrestleMania with her and The Rock – Triple H and Stephanie.

We’ve seen her with the other Four Horsewomen and stuff with Becky and Charlotte and WWE social media stuff and NXT stuff.

I just really feel like she’s already signed. That’s just my opinion. No one is gonna admit that. I think recently Triple H did an interview somewhere, he had basically said that she’s not signed, it could happen. That type thing.
And I don’t blame Triple H for saying that.

He shouldn’t say it. When they make an announcement or a press conference, that’s when it should be said. They’re gonna make a big deal out of her signing. She could be signed already. That’s what I’m saying.

And it could be that she didn’t sign yet. But she’s been training at the Performance Center. I’ve heard there’s been some kayfabe training center spots with her, some stuff with Natalya. So they’re investing in her. They’re getting her ready. They’re teaching her the business.

She is a tremendous athlete, a great fighter. Her judo will help her because of the falling end if it, taking bumps. They’re teaching her the game and I’m sure she is signed because they don’t want her going and doing some spots of appearance for Ring of Honor or something in New Japan or something like that when she’s learning under WWE.

I think she’s gonna have a great career. There’s some scuttlebutt well maybe they keep Asuka undefeated until she faces Ronda Rousey, maybe they’re getting her ready for WrestleMania to face Asuka. Could be. I’m down for that. I think that’d be cool even though I’m still not crazy about the whole undefeated thing with Asuka, but you’re in this deep, you got to keep going. I get what WWE is doing there.

I think Ronda Rousey will have a tremendous career in WWE. I feel like she is signed and I do think that she’s gonna do awesome. She’s probably an intelligent girl who wants to learn the right way and she has got the right people teaching her. She is gonna learn their system.

When you learn their system, you most of the time, not always, will have success under their eyeballs because when you don’t learn under their system they look at you as you have habits that they need to change. That’s my biggest problem as I’ve said many times in the past with WWE and their Performance Center. It’s one mindset as an overview of training to be a Professional Wrestler and to me that doesn’t work.

That’s not a good move. That’s not what the business is built on. So that’s a little bit of a problem in my professional opinion.”

• Which Chant Does Vince McMahon Hate?

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon hates the “one fall” chant during the match introduction. This is the reason why WWE announcers don’t take a pause after announcing the match is set for one fall anymore (so that the chant eventually dies).

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