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Charlotte Flair Takes A Shot At Kalisto’s Appearance

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• ON THIS DAY IN WRESTLING HISTORY (September 25, 1993) – CWA Event (Europe)

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on September 25, 1993, Otto Wanz’s Catch Wrestling Association held an event titled as “CWA World Cup 1993 – Day 24” at the “Festzelt on the Schützenplatz” in Hannover, Germany.

The card also featured several wrestlers, who came from or would eventually join either World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling or the World Wrestling Federation.

Here are the matches from that night:

– Lord Steven Casey (Mid-South) vs. August Smisl

– Hiro Yamamoto (Tenzan/WCW) vs. Robert Fasser

– Bodyslam Contest Match: Rambo (Sniper/WWF) vs. Bruiser Mastino (Mantaur/WWF)

– Mile Zrno vs. Fit Finlay (WCW & WWE)

– Franz Schuhmann & Tony St. Clair vs. Larry Cameron (Stampede & WCW) & Mad Bull Buster (Pitbull #2/ECW)

– Wendi Richter (WWF) vs. Debbie Combs (AWA & USWA)

• Charlotte Flair Takes A Shot At Kalisto’s Appearance

Kalisto congratulated Rey Mysterio on becoming the #1 contender for the Universal Championship on this week’s RAW and this led to Andrade making a comment about almost making Mysterio retire.

Andrade then mocked Kalisto by asking him if he still works in WWE. This led to Kalisto saying Andrade is only in WWE because he’s dating Charlotte Flair.

This led to Charlotte entering the conversation and taking a shot at Kalisto’s appearance.

You can read their Twitter exchange (which has been translated from Spanish by Google) below:

Kalisto: Congrats carnal @reymysterio #Lucha ??

Andrade: Barber!!! congratulate me that I almost make him retire !! One question are you still in #WWE

Kalisto: Do not Cry ? .. you only have work because you walk with a Flair

Charlotte: It’s not because of me; it’s because he’s pretty. They keep a mask on you for a reason

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