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Chavo Guerrero Says Rey Mysterio Is “Prostituting” Eddie Guerrero’s Name

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• Chavo Guerrero Says Rey Mysterio Is “Prostituting” Eddie Guerrero’s Name

WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio recently reformed the LWO with Legado Del Fantasma.

Also, at WrestleMania 39, Rey came out to Eddie Guerrero’s theme song.

Chavo Guerrero isn’t a fan of this and said the following during a signing for Captain’s Corner:

“I gotta tell you this, I just don’t understand why Rey Mysterio still has to — look, we all love Eddie (Guerrero). But we’re not going out with his gimmick and our gimmick, it was Los Guerreros’ gimmick and come out with the Los Guerreros, ‘We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal’ and everybody’s like, oh yeah, keeping Eddie’s memory alive.

I say no, dude. I’m tired of people — and this is not a bitter thing, this is the truth. We worked hard for that last name. This whole family worked really, really hard to get that name to where it was and we’re tired of people prostituting it in a sense and using it for their benefit.

So Rey Mysterio, I’m sorry that no one knows who Rey Mysterio Sr. is, Rey Mysterio Jr. No one knows who he is, and I’m sorry that you have to latch on to the Guerrero family and we’re just kind of tired of it, so, thank you for keeping Eddie’s name alive, thank you for keeping the Guerrero name alive but we don’t need you, we’re good.”

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