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Chris Jericho Hints That WWE Is Interested In Bringing Him Back

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• Chris Jericho Hints That WWE Is Interested In Bringing Him Back

A fan tweeted the following about current AEW Superstar Chris Jericho:

“If ever Chris Jericho is back in WWE, I want him to wrestle against AJ Styles or Kevin Owens…. These two matches will be 🔥”

Jericho replied:

“They’ve already happened….multiple times. 😊”

Another fan then tweeted:

“Need a Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn & Chris Jericho faction. Make it happen Y2J!!!”

Jericho then replied:

“Hmmm…well Some higher ups want that to happen sooner than later! #tampering”

By using the hashtag “tampering” in his tweet, Jericho is referring to last week’s report from Fightful Select, which stated that WWE Officials recently reached out to a top AEW star, about possibly returning to WWE.

While the report didn’t mention who the wrestler was, this wrestler is said to be happy with his current role in All Elite Wrestling, and decided to inform AEW Management about WWE contacting him.

Because of the above tweet, it looks like WWE reached out to Jericho for a return when his AEW contract expires.

Jericho’s current AEW contract is set to expire in January 2024. By that time, he’ll be 53 years old.

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• Legendary WWF Promoter Celebrates His Birthday

Legendary WWF Promoter “Mr.” Vince McMahon Jr. (Vincent Kennedy McMahon) celebrates his 77th birthday.

In 1969, Vincent Kennedy McMahon took the job of an announcer for the World Wide Wrestling Federation, where his father Vincent J. McMahon was the promoter.

Vince Jr. eventually became the promoter of the – now renamed – World Wrestling Federation in 1982, when Vince Sr. gave him the company.

Under the new leader (with a lot of help from his #1 Star Hulk Hogan), the promotion went national and later even international, and changed professional wrestling forever by turning a small regional attraction into a world wide phenomenon.

Mr. McMahon is the father of Shane McMahon & Stephanie McMahon, as well as the father-in-law of WWF Legend “The Game” Triple H.

On July 22nd 2022, he retired from all of his positions within WWE, including the ‘head of WWE creative’ position.


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