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Chris Jericho On Which Word Vince McMahon Hates

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• Chris Jericho On Which Word Vince McMahon Hates

On a recent episode of Brandon Walker’s podcast, Old School WWF/WCW Legend “Y2J” Chris Jericho revealed that his former boss, Old School WWF/WWE promoter Vince McMahon HATES the popular professional wrestling term “rasslin'”.

McMahon thinks that the word “rasslin'” is a very bad term that has a negative association.

The word is originally derived from a phonetic spelling of how the word “wrestling” would sound when spoken with a heavy Southern accent.

Here’s what Jericho said on the podcast:

“You know who hates the word rasslin’? Vince McMahon. That’s how he’ll equate something if it’s a bad idea. He’ll go, ‘Oh, that’s such a rasslin’ idea. That’s just rasslin’.’”

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• Old School ECW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Hardcore Wrestling Veteran “Pitbull #1” Gary Wolfe celebrates his 54th birthday today.

Gary Wolfe worked for NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling / Extreme Championship Wrestling from their early days in 1992 until 1997 and again in 2000.

For most of his professional wrestling career, Wolfe tagged with “Pitbull #2” Anthony Durante as ‘The Pitbulls’.

They even had a match on WWF Shotgun Saturday Night in the summer of 1998, after previously working for the World Wrestling Federation as enhancement talents in 1989.


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