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Chris Jericho Reveals Why Vince McMahon Won’t Give Up On Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns 2012

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• Chris Jericho Reveals Why Vince McMahon Won’t Give Up On Roman Reigns

During an appearance on Jim Ross’ Ross Report podcast last year, Old School WWF Legend Chris Jericho discussed Vince McMahon pushing Roman Reigns as the “Face of WWE”, Brock Lesnar defeating Braun Strowman with just one F5 back at No Mercy & more.

Below is Jericho’s conversation with Jim Ross:

JR: Is it important or not that Roman Reigns is to be made an embraceable babyface?

Jericho: Well, working with Reigns, what a great worker! I loved working with him and great personality. He’s one of my favorite guys. We got pretty close over the last six or seven months. He is super funny guy, great worker, smart thinker. He’s been painted with the same brush that Cena was painted where people think it’s cool to boo him, but there’s nothing to boo. The guy… he works his a$$ off. He’s great.

I think Vince is a lot like me. He’s gonna do it until it works not because any other reason other than he is really stubborn and he is gonna try it this way and he’ll try it that way because when it does work and it will because Roman is too good for it not to. He’s gonna stand by it.

It’s like a couple years ago when they had the women go on last at Hell in a Cell. I don’t think Vince was really too into it and the match wasn’t great. The match I think was Charlotte and Sasha. It just didn’t click and it wasn’t great. And I know for a fact that Vince is probably saying: “Alright, everybody here that says they’re going to go on last, stop it because they’re not. This is the way it is. I gave it a shot, it didn’t work.”

And it wasn’t the right match to go on last anyways.

I think that there’s a lot of things sometimes to just show other people. So I think it’s going to stay on Roman until it works because that’s his mindset.

JR: Many people were complaining that Strowman sustained only one F5 (from Brock Lesnar at No Mercy 2017) and that one F5 beat him whereas he kicked out of multiple things and other guys in other matches are kicking out other guys’ finishes.

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Well, I was watching it, I was expecting more of an impactful finish. Didn’t hate the finish, but I might have needed a little bit more, based on the neighborhood they were playing in because all night long you’re seeing guys kicking out of this or kicking out of that and it got to be kind of – “Wait a minute. What? Why are we doing that?”

So I don’t know why is that, why are we kicking out of so damn many finishes? Why is that?

Jericho: I don’t know, it’s kind of become the trend and that’s one thing I loved about the matches that I had with Kevin Owens is we never check out of anybody’s finishing maybe someone gets out off the Walls or kick out of the Codebreaker, but it’s never both.

When you just keep doing it over and over again, if it works it works. But, I don’t know man, I think sometimes Brock isn’t too excited about people that he is working with because I’ve seen him have great matches and other times he just doesn’t care and I don’t really know what the reasons are for that.

But who am I to say? I’m not making the money that he’s making. But I would have had a different match than they had because Strowman, he’s the hottest guy in the company. It’s definitely not helping him to have that finish they had.

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