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Chris Jericho Says AEW Has TV Deals That Would Make It “The Real Deal”

Chris Jericho All Elite Wrestling Superstar

• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (January 11, 1987) – WWF Maple Leaf Gardens House Show

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on January 11, 1987, the World Wrestling Federation held a televised house show in the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

Here are the results from that night:

– Jose Luis Rivera vs. Terry Gibbs (Prime Time Wrestling – 2/23/87)

– Don Muraco vs. Koko B. Ware (Prime Time Wrestling – 1/26/87)

– Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake vs. Mike Rotundo & Danny Spivey (Prime Time Wrestling – 1/26/87)

– George Steele vs. Johnny V (Prime Time Wrestling – 5/4/87)

– Dino Bravo vs. Scott McGhee (Prime Time Wrestling – 1/26/87)

– Jake The Snake Roberts vs. King Kong Bundy

– Paul Roma vs. Barry O (Prime Time Wrestling – 1/26/87)

– Davey Boy Smith & The Junkyard Dog (sub. for Dynamite Kid) vs. Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (Prime Time Wrestling – 1/26/87)

– Hulk Hogan vs. Kamala

• Chris Jericho Says AEW Has TV Deals That Would Make It “The Real Deal”

Old School WWF Legend Chris Jericho made an appearance on Busted Open Radio to talk about his signing with All Elite Wrestling.

Below are the highlights:

On his involvement in AEW possibly bringing in more wrestlers to the company:

“By me joining the company I think fans and wrestlers most importantly go, ‘Holy sh*t this is real.’ Because if Jericho went there this is real. Because a lot of people don’t know Kenny or Cody or The Bucks. We know them, but your average fan doesn’t. Your guy in the WWE making a decent living, but thinks they can do better now knows, ‘Wow, Jericho can go there I can go there too.’”

On if AEW has a TV deal:

“Yes, the television deals are being talked about. Nothing is set in stone, but the couple I know about are ones where people would go, ‘This is the real deal.’”

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