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Chris Jericho Says The Undertaker Should Not Lose At WrestleMania Ever Again, Think Raw Star Will Return & Turn Heel At WrestleMania 34

Chris Jericho WrestleMania 34

During a recent edition of Talk Is Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho discussed tonight’s WrestleMania 34 event. Below are the highlights:

On The Undertaker vs. John Cena:

Jericho: Chances are the match is gonna happen. Chances are that Vince didn’t want Undertaker to waste an entrance on Raw. I think that, knowing Vince, he’s probably thinking – ‘Okay people are gonna buy this show either way and the tease of seeing that coming in week after week – Where’s Undertaker? No response. Where’s Undertaker? (No response).’ Everyone knows, even they don’t know that Undertaker’s gonna come out and give you a big entrance and that sort of thing (is going to help increase the curiosity).

Who’s gonna win Jack (Slade)? What do you think?

Jack: This is the interesting part because neither needs a win.

Jericho: I have a theory. Undertaker should not lose at WrestleMania ever again. The streak is done. He lost to Brock. He lost to Roman. He does not need to be losing to John Cena. Cena, right now he’s about to become not next Rock, but we know he’s got Blockers (the movie). He is in Duke Nukem and he’s in the new Transformers.

Cena is going to lose as he should because at this point if Undertaker is gonna be effective as a performer, he should never lose again. He lost his match (to Brock) and he lost his other one to the heir apparent….to the prodigal son, Roman Reigns. After that, he should beat everybody if he’s gonna continue wrestling. My opinion – Taker beat Cena in a match filled with a thousand false finishes.

On Braun Strowman’s mystery tag team partner:

Jericho: Who do you think the (Braun Strowman’s) partner is gonna be and what do you think the outcome is gonna be?

Jack: I think the only way to have this is Braun win. You know who I think his partner is gonna be? I don’t want to be way off but Ellsworth. I mean why not? Everyone thinks it’s gonna be either you (Jericho) or Mysterio. (Jericho laughs)

Jericho: Okay hold on. I can honestly tell you guys I will not be Braun Strowman’s guest partner. Once again, reason A – they didn’t ask me, reason B – I would never do it. Mysterio could be okay. Ellsworth!!! There’s a guy.

Jack: Well think about it. Who made Ellsworth what he is?

Jericho: He did!! The first time I saw Ellsworth when I thought he was some little kid got the sh*t kicked out of him by Braun Strowman. Made him look great.

I think and it’s kind of a weird pairing, but I think Big Show will be Strowman’s partner. They will win the titles and then Big Show will turn on Strowman in his 11,376 (randomly) heel turn that Big Show has done. People accuse me of turning heel too much (but) Big Show (has done it) way more than me.

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