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Chris Jericho Says Vince McMahon Changed WrestleMania Plan Without Telling Him

Chris Jericho - Undisputed WWF Champion

• Old School WrestleMania Celebrity Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WrestleMania Celebrity Mr. T (Real name: Laurence Tureaud) celebrates his 67th birthday today.

World famous actor Mr. T (Rocky III, The A-Team) teamed up with Hulk Hogan in the main event of the inaugural WrestleMania in 1985.

A year later at WrestleMania 2, Mr. T competed against “Rowdy” Roddy Piper in a (worked) boxing match.

In 2014, Mean Gene Okerlund inducted him into the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.


• Chris Jericho Says Vince McMahon Changed WrestleMania Plan Without Telling Him

During a recent interview on Busted Open Radio, Old School WWF Legend and All Elite Wrestling Superstar Chris Jericho talked about what else he can do in WWE and Vince McMahon changing WrestleMania 33 plans without telling him.

Below is what Y2J said:

“What else could I do in WWE? If I went back tomorrow, I probably restart the feud with Kevin Owens. To be honest with you, the feud that I had with him in 2016 was probably the best thing on the show. And where were we at WrestleMania? Second on the card. It’s the same thing that happened in WCW.

I can’t get any higher than where I’m at. Even though I’d been to the top, if you can’t put Jericho and Owens in the semi-main event at WrestleMania, especially when at one point, it was slotted to be the main event.

In the eyes of the old man [Vince McMahon], a main event is a main event. From a business perspective. I’ll take first over anything. Second is, to me, not a filler spot, but it’s a spot where you get your 15 minutes.

To be on second, with this angle that we had, when it was designated at first, I was told by Vince, ‘You’re gonna win the World Title from Kevin Owens in the main event of WrestleMania.’ Three days later he changed it to Brock vs. Goldberg and didn’t tell me.”

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