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Chris Jericho To Return To WWE For Hall Of Fame Induction?

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• Chris Jericho To Return To WWE For Hall Of Fame Induction?

During an interview with Daily Star, current AEW Superstar Chris Jericho was asked if he’ll ever return to WWE.

Y2J made it clear that he wants to end his in-ring career in All Elite Wrestling.

Below is what the former WWF Champion said:

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. I don’t hold a torch for WWE. To me, that’s not ‘the place to be’. AEW is the place to be. It really is.

I’ve been in WWE. I know how it works. They work that way, I don’t care if Vince is there, Hunter is there, or whoever is there. They have a way of doing things, and I was there for 20 years and was pretty good at it.

I like the way we do things at AEW better. So I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to finish my career in AEW.

Business is business and there’s always ups and downs, but I have zero interest in ever going back to WWE. That’s not out of bitterness or anger. I love Vince and I love Hunter and all the people there.”

Despite his comments, Jim Cornette thinks Jericho will be back in WWE, at least for one night, for an induction into the Hall Of Fame.

Below is what Cornette said on his podcast:

“He’ll be back. At whatever point that Jericho is contractually free, then he will go back to the WWE because they’ll induct him into the Hall of Fame.”

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