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Chris Jericho Was Forced To Issue An Apology For Disrespecting The Brazilian Flag 9 Years Ago

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• Chris Jericho Was Forced To Issue An Apology For Disrespecting The Brazilian Flag 9 Years Ago

During a WWE Live Event in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 24, 2012, Chris Jericho disrespected the Brazilian Flag before his match with CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

He threw the flag down and then kicked it out of the ring in typical heel fashion to get heat from the fans.

After this, the local law enforcement stopped the match and gave Jericho two options: apologize to the Brazilian people at the event or face incarceration. Jericho ended up apologizing to the fans.

You can watch it below:

WWE ended up suspending Jericho for 30 days the very next day for this incident.

Jericho later said the following about this incident:

“What happened is that I threw the flag to the ground and then I had trampled it, then an umpire came and told me that I had to apologize for doing that and that if I didn’t do it the police would take me to jail.

After the bout I was having with CM Punk, I walked out the back of the stadium and saw a few cops with guns and I also saw the Colonel who was pretty furious. Then I sent a message to Vince telling him what had happened and in a little while he replied that he didn’t understand why I did that and that he was very angry with me.

At that time I was very confused because what I did with the Brazilian flag is something typical of heels. Then I called Vince and he said he didn’t want to talk to me because he was very angry and he told me that I was suspended.”

Vince also gave Jericho a high 5-figure fine and Jericho told Vince that he won’t return to WWE. Triple H tried to explain the situation to Jericho, but Y2J hung up on him.

Vince then reduced the fine to $10,000 and they were on good terms again. Jericho has noted that he still hasn’t paid this fine.

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