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Chyna Claims There Were Plans For Her to Become WWF Champion

During a recent appearance on Bell 2 Bell Podcast, former WWF Women’s Champion & Intercontinental Champion Chyna claimed that there were plans for her to become the first women ever to win the WWF World Championship.

Below is what she said:

“Yes, there certainly was, it was actually in the pipeline and ready to happen, but when Playboy came along and wanted me to pose for them, I had to make a choice. Vince told me that if I did playboy, I could never be world champion. I’m a woman, I like to feel pretty and liberated (and be able to kick some a$$ too), so I chose playboy and was never World Champion”.

As we noted yesterday, Chyna approached Triple H at Roddy Piper’s funeral and apologized. One person noted to Dave Meltzer that there was no confrontation between Chyna and Triple H. Below is what he said:
“Omg, no. Tiny service, I sat in back. Point being, I saw everything. Nothing happened at the funeral. No confrontation. As Paul was leaving, outside, she did come up and say she was sorry. That was the extent of it. One sentence.”

Chyna also posted a video on YouTube where she discussed X-Pac’s comments on this topic:


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