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Chyna to Shoot on Triple H

Chyna WWF


In a phone call with Vince Russo, Chyna discussed Triple H’s comments on her Hall of Fame induction question on the Steve Austin podcast on the WWE Network. Russo is calling this a shoot interview and he is going to release it on his official website this Monday.

Here’s the teaser for that shoot that he passed on:

“The conversation lasted almost 2 hours. Triple H could have prevented this. He could have taken the high road—he chose not to. Whatever follows—they have simply brought upon themselves. God said to put others before ourselves . . . .and, I truly believe that.”

Chyna said that she’s had enough and will finally talk about it on the interview. She says she needed to get this off her chest for a long time now. She plans on moving back to United States and is thinking about getting married.

Below is a video of Vince Russo defending Chyna:

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