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Clash Of Champions 2020 – 5 Surprises WWE Could Pull Off Tonight

Jeff Hardy AJ Styles WWE Clash Of Champions 2020

WWE Clash Of Champions 2020 takes place tonight at the ThunderDome in Orlando, Florida.

With all Titles on the line, the pay-per-view is going to feature all high-stakes matches. There could be some potential surprises planned for the show as well.

Here are surprises 5 WWE could pull off at Clash Of Champions tonight.

5. RETRIBUTION Interrupts The United States Championship Match

RETRIBUTION Backstage WWE RAW Mia Yim Mercedes Martinez Shane Thorne Dominik Dijakovic Dio Maddin

RETRIBUTION’s first feud in WWE is going to be with The Hurt Business, and it already started about two weeks ago on RAW when the two teams brawled to end the show.

On this past Monday’s RAW, The Hurt Business vs. RETRIBUTION ended in a disqualification, so their feud is going to continue.

Bobby Lashley will defend the United States Championship against Apollo Crews tonight, so T-BAR, MACE, SLAPJACK, RECKONING and RETALIATION could show up to interrupt the match.

Their main target will be The Hurt Business, but they may take out Crews as well.

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