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CM Punk Disrespects Hulk Hogan Again

Former WWE Champion & UFC fighter CM Punk thrash talked WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan yet again over his alleged love for the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning.

When Hogan’s name was brought up and CM Punk was told Hogan is a big Tampa Bay Lightning fan, Punk disagreed. Below is what CM Punk said:

“No he’s not. That’s the problem I have with that. If I’m a Lightning fan, I’m embarrassed they hitched their wagon to a guy like that. Doesn’t know Stamkos’s name, the captain’s name. Icing to him is something he eats three times a day.

My love for hockey supersedes anything else and I would just like to see people tune in and understand the game and appreciate the game for what it is. You put something on there like that, it kind of lowers it a little.

If I’m a Lightning fan, I want someone to better represent my team. They’re a hell of an organization. That paints them in the wrong light.”

WATCH: CM Punk Calls Hulk Hogan a “Piece of Garbage” – Click Here.

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