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CM Punk On What He Did When Vince McMahon Yelled In His Headset During Commentary

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• CM Punk On What He Did When Vince McMahon Yelled In His Headset During Commentary

CM Punk was the guest on the latest edition of Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, where he recalled the time he got injured and was called by Vince McMahon to do commentary.

Below is what he said:

“I’m wrestling on Bragging Rights, it’s cold as f**k in the building, and I can’t get warm. I tear my gluteus medius muscle, which apparently is very hard to tear. Edge gave me his suplex where I bump on my belly. It feels like a rubber band and my hip pops. I’m supposed to do a leap frog to avoid his spear and I can’t jump. I’m just f***ed.

I get to the back, Dean Malenko checks on me. I get off the trainer’s table and I can’t walk. I get an MRI and did commentary (while injured). I was always like, ‘I’m hurt, why do I have to be on television? Just let me go home.’

I flew to Nashville to get surgery. He puts me in his MRI machine, which is more high-tech than the previous one. The first MRI, it looked torn off the bone. His MRI, it was just torn. He was like, ‘I’m not operating on you. You just need physical therapy and rehab and you’ll be fine.’ I was stoked. I needed the refresher and being off TV.

I get home, Vince calls and is, ‘Heard you don’t need surgery. That’s great. I’m sending you a plane ticket and we’re gonna have you do commentary.’ I was bummed because I didn’t want to fly.

First night on commentary, Vince started yelling in my headset. I elbowed [Jerry] Lawler, wrote a note to him that said, ‘which is the volume button?’ He pointed to it and I turned it all the way down. When we took the headsets off after the show, I was like, ‘Did you not know you can do that?’ [Lawler] goes, ‘I knew I could do that, but we’re going to get yelled at.’ Vince never said anything.”

Renee then talked about the time she used to do commentary on RAW, and said:

“I used to have moments like that where [Vince] would be giving me sh*t in my ear and I would hear it, but I wouldn’t sell it to the camera. He goes, ‘DID YOU HEAR ME?!?’ I would just stare at the camera like, ‘YES! I HEARD YOU!'”

Punk replied:

“I found it difficult, trying to do a job, watching the show and call what is going on. If you’re yelling at me, it’s not helping. So, I just turned him off. I don’t know why more people don’t do that.”

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